Pediatric Therapy in Tampa, Florida

Help your child excel with physical, occupational, speech and ABA therapy services from Communication Corner and More. We offer services for children from birth to age 21 and can cater to a wide range of needs.

Before your child begins treatment, our experienced therapists will perform a free initial evaluation to determine your child’s current needs. From this evaluation, we will create a personalized treatment plan to help your child meet their goals. Our team will share your child’s progress with you throughout their care to better aid in their success.

Physical, Occupational, Speech and ABA Therapy in Tampa, Florida

At Communication Corner and More, we understand every child has unique needs, which is why we offer four pediatric therapy options. Whether your child needs physical therapy in Tampa after an injury or would benefit from applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, we personalize all our therapy options to meet your child’s exact needs. Our pediatric therapy options include:

  1. Physical therapy: Physical therapy can help children with a range of injuries or disabilities improve their mobility, build muscle tone and improve overall gross motor skills. Receiving physical therapy can help your child achieve a higher quality of life and independence. 
  2. Occupational therapy: Our occupational therapy services in Tampa will help your child improve their fine motor skills to complete daily tasks. We can also teach your child how to use assistive technology if needed.
  3. Speech therapy: Speech therapy can help your child formulate words and sounds to improve their oral communication skills. Our services can also help your child with nonverbal communication, such as understanding social cues and facial expressions.
  4. ABA therapy: Having your child start in-home or community-based ABA therapy in Tampa will allow them to learn and perform positive behaviors for life-long success. Our therapists use a play-based method to engage your child while they develop skills through problem-solving.

Literacy/Dyslexia Testing, Hearing Screenings and Tutoring

In addition to therapy services, we also offer testing, screening and tutoring services to help your child succeed academically:

  • Literacy/dyslexia testing: Our literacy and dyslexia assessments will evaluate your child’s cognitive and intellectual abilities to determine if they have dyslexia or other literacy concerns.
  • Hearing screenings: We perform a pure tone threshold screening during all initial evaluations to identify potential hearing loss and issues with communication or development.
  • Tutoring: A qualified teacher with a Master’s degree in education will lead each tutoring session and use an individualized multisensory approach to help your child with reading, spelling, writing or math.

What Makes Communication Corner and More Unique

Communication Corner and More is a one-stop shop for families with our comprehensive individual therapy services in Tampa, Wesley Chapel and Lutz, Florida. We will personalize your child’s therapy program to fit their needs and interests and perform frequent assessments to ensure their therapy plan continues to be beneficial. Our experienced therapists will ensure each session is engaging for a positive therapy experience.

    Speech And Language Therapy Can Address Reading And Literacy Concerns Such As:

    Learning/Remembering Letter Names
    Learning Letter/Sound Correspondence
    Blending Sounds Into Words
    Segmenting Words Into Sound
    Sounding Out Or Decoding Words
    Reading Fluently (Sounds Choppy)
    Reading With Good Expression (Sounds Flat)
    Reading Comprehension
    Writing & Organizing Written Language
    (Words, Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays/Papers)

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    Whether your child would benefit from our pediatric speech therapy in Tampa or needs tutoring, Communication Corner and More is here to help. Please complete our contact form today to learn more about our services or schedule your free initial assessment.

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