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Applied behavior analysis or ABA is a form of therapy that helps individuals improve specific behaviors such as fine motor skills or communication. Having your child start ABA therapy programs as young as possible will help them learn and continue performing positive behaviors. At Communication Corner and More, our individualized pediatric ABA therapy and behavior services will help your child reach their full potential.

When Should a Parent Look Into Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy for Their Child?

You may wish to pursue pediatric ABA therapy for your child if you notice specific indicators during their developmental phases:

During Infancy

  • Inability to make direct eye contact
  • Lack of a reaction to the parent’s voice or presence
  • Excessive activity or lack of activity
  • Doesn’t babble

Shortly after your child is born, they will gain the ability to smile and coo at the people around them. If your child does not engage with those around them or smile, they may benefit from ABA therapy.

At 18 Months

  • Upset over change or has a specific ritual
  • Uses their hands as a tool to communicate
  • Stiffens or flares their fingers in unusual ways
  • Excessive interest in particular objects or people

Catching such symptoms as early as possible can reduce significant effects on your child’s brain development and prevent the formation of challenging behaviors.

At 2 Years of Age

  • Can’t speak more than 15 words
  • Inability to walk or walks on tiptoes
  • Doesn’t know how to operate household items such as a fork
  • Unable to follow simple instructions

By the time your child reaches the age of 2, they should be able to speak or imitate actions. If your child is not capable of these activities, you may wish to consider ABA therapy.

At 3 to 4 Years of Age

  • Plays with toys the same way each time
  • Repeats what others say
  • No interest in making friends
  • Speaks in a flat tone

As your child ages, it may be more difficult to identify signs that they could benefit from an ABA therapy program. Keeping track of developmental milestones or making an appointment with a pediatrician will help determine if your child could benefit from this treatment plan.

5+ Years of Age

  • Fails to respond to their name
  • Doesn’t show a wide range of emotions
  • Loses skills they once had
  • No interest in playing with peers

Once your child leaves the toddler stage, it’s easy to confuse certain symptoms with growing up. If you have any concerns, you may wish to speak to your pediatrician so you can intervene before your child experiences developmental delays.

General Signs a Child May Need ABA Therapy Services

As a parent, you know the best way to help your child is to meet them at their skill level. However, it may be challenging to determine when your child needs additional support to help them learn and grow. Some signs you may wish to consider ABA child therapy include:

  • Unable to perform self-care tasks such as dressing or washing their hands
  • Experiences challenges in a classroom setting
  • Resists transitions or changes in routine
  • Inability to identify or communicate emotions

What Happens in ABA Therapy?

Our process of providing ABA therapy for children begins with an evaluation to determine your child’s exact needs, followed by personalized therapy sessions at your home. Our certified and licensed ABA therapist team will ensure each session is fun and engaging for your child as they work to develop lasting positive behaviors. Please fill out the form below today to learn more about our services.

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