Therapy services can help children with learning delays or physical challenges. At Communication Corner and More, we offer a wide range of therapy services tailored to fit the needs of children from birth to 21 years old. We provide one-on-one treatment and strive to create a personalized plan so your child gets the most effective care for their situation. 

Whatever your child’s therapy needs, you can come to us for expert services in Lutz and Wesley Chapel, Florida. 

Therapy Services Offered at Communication Corner and More

We are a comprehensive pediatric program offering four types of therapy to meet your child’s needs in one place. Our therapy services include:


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Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) can work with children who struggle with communication disorders like articulation, stuttering, swallowing, feeding, hearing loss and more.


This type of therapy focuses on helping your child gain everyday skills like fine motor functions and self-care with help from an Occupational Therapist (OT).


Restore your child’s overall health and fitness with help from a Physical Therapist (PT) who can aid in improving balance and mobility and relieving pain associated with disease or injury.

Applied Behavior analysis (ABA) therapy

 Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy focuses on increasing social skills, teaching replacement skills for maladaptive behaviors and teaching parents and caregivers how to manage children’s behavior. Therapists use play-based methods to engage children.

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How Services are Implemented:

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A referral is received from the primary care physician.


A comprehensive evaluation is completed by a certified therapist (Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapist, or ABA Specialist).


A treatment plan is created, in writing, to facilitate the improvement of speech/language skills, motor skills and/or sensory disorders.


Families are involved every step of the way being shown how to use newly learned skills in their home and/or school environments.


Discontinuation of therapy services occurs when age-appropriate skills are achieved or when improvement is no longer evident.

Benefits of Professional Developmental Therapy

Pediatric developmental therapy can help your child communicate and thrive in daily life. You might seek treatment for your child for several reasons, including communication difficulties, recovery from an injury, developmental delays and physical disabilities.

Some of the benefits of pediatric developmental therapy include:

  • Improvements in communication and the ability to express thoughts and ideas.
  • Rehabilitation for sports injuries that a child has suffered.
  • Improved mobility and reduced pain from a disability or injury.
  • Better performance in school and everyday activities.
  • Decreased problem behaviors for children with developmental delays.

Why Choose Communication Corner and More?

We dedicate ourselves to the care of pediatric patients, focusing on the individual needs of each child that comes through our doors. Some other reasons to trust us for your child’s therapy include:

  • A thoughtful approach to treatment: Our team works to get to know your child, shaping therapy sessions to fit their learning speed and specific needs.
  • Fun and effective sessions: We work to make therapy fun for your child while structuring everything we do to encourage learning and development.
  • Family-centered care: Family is integral to a child’s development, so we encourage family members and caregivers to participate in sessions. We also offer education on how to integrate therapy into your child’s daily routine.

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Communication Corner and More offers comprehensive therapy for children in Wesley Chapel and Lutz, Florida. Whether your child is recovering from an injury or struggling with a developmental disorder, we can help you identify an effective treatment plan that can help your child thrive at every stage of development. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about the treatment we offer or to set up an appointment for your child.



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