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Speech-Language Pathologists conduct evaluations and customize treatment programs to improve communication disorders such as: articulation, receptive/expressive language, literacy (reading/writing/phonics/comprehension), stuttering/fluency, voice, oral-motor skills, swallowing, feeding, social skills, and hearing loss. We use the following Lindamood-Bell programs* for our students: Talkies®, Visualizing and Verbalizing®, LiPS®, Seeing Stars®, and On Cloud Nine®.


Occupational Therapists conduct evaluations and customize treatment programs to improve fine motor skills, sensory processing and self-care skills. Occupational Therapists focus on visual-perceptual skills, cognitive skills, sensory processing deficits and fine motor skills related to activities of daily living, evaluations for specialized/adaptive equipment, sensory integration disorders, visual motor integration and listening therapy.


Physical Therapists conduct evaluations and customize treatment programs to improve gross motor skills, balance/coordination, endurance, muscle performance, and posture. Physical Therapists focus on pain management, general strengthening, range of motion, gross motor functioning and other physical issues relating to: walking/gait training, evaluations for specialized/adaptive equipment, gross motor delays (walking, crawling, kicking, throwing, climbing, jumping), torticollis, and neuromuscular deficits.

Literacy / Dyslexia Testing

A child’s cognitive/intellectual abilities, academic achievement levels, information processing abilities, along with general emotional and behavioral concerns are assessed. An evaluation can determine if your child has a learning disability or other issues that negatively impact his/her ability to learn.


A pure tone threshold screening is completed using a series of pure tones to record the softest decibel (dB) level that a child will respond to at the following frequencies (Hz): 500, 1000, 2000, 4000. This screening is completed using a pure tone audiometer and age-appropriate toys as reinforcement for each response.


Communication Corner and More!, Inc. provides tutoring services for students of all ages. Whether your child is struggling in reading, spelling, writing, or math, we can help your child reach his or her highest potential. Our teachers are highly qualified and hold a Master’s degree in Education. A multisensory, individualized approach will be tailored to your child’s specific learning needs.

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A referral is received from the primary care physician.


A comprehensive evaluation is completed by a certified therapist (Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapist).


A treatment plan is created, in writing, to facilitate the improvement of speech/language skills, motor skills and/or sensory disorders.


Families are involved every step of the way being shown how to use newly learned skills in their home and/or school environments.


Discontinuation of therapy services occurs when age-appropriate skills are achieved or when improvement is no longer evident.

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