Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Before your child begins occupational therapy services at Communication Corner and More, our certified occupational therapists will perform an initial evaluation. During this evaluation, our team will utilize a variety of standardized tests to assess your child’s fine, visual and gross motor skills. Depending on your child’s needs, we will evaluate their overall abilities or assess a specific area of concern.

Our comprehensive evaluations will examine abilities in areas such as handwriting skills, self-care and motor planning in addition to fine, visual and gross motor skills. If we notice areas of possible concern, we will also evaluate your child’s executive functioning and sensory processing abilities. 

After completing this assessment, we will provide the family with a detailed report stating the child’s strengths and weaknesses and a specific treatment plan if needed. If our therapists identify a challenge that is not developmental, meaning your child will not grow out of it, we will recommend occupational therapy. 

After the evaluation, Our therapists will thoroughly explain the results to you and your family and offer professional recommendations such as individualized goals and objectives for your child. Depending on your child’s results, we may also provide a referral to other specialists for an additional assessment or treatment. We will also provide you with information and resources to work on skills with your child at home.

When Does a Child Need Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy helps children with speech, physical, cognitive and motor delays develop essential skills needed for daily life, such as dressing, feeding and learning the correct behavior in a school setting. Your child may benefit from occupational therapy if they are exhibiting the following:

  • Intense dislike of certain textures or surfaces
  • Not using both hands when playing
  • Difficulty dressing or tying their shoelaces by themselves
  • Lack of self-calming methods such as deep breathing
  • Avoiding eye contact

What Happens in Occupational Therapy?

At Communication Corner and More, we design each occupational therapy session to address your child’s individual needs. Throughout your child’s session, they will work with their occupational therapist to complete activities based on their current strengths and interests.

Occupational therapy for kids is work disguised as play to keep them engaged and having fun throughout the session. By learning and successfully enacting new skills or overcoming challenges, your child will gain confidence and self-esteem.

About Our Service

Communication Corner and More is your one-stop resource for pediatric occupational therapy services in Lutz and New Tampa, Florida, to help your child gain independence for a higher quality of life. 

Our experienced therapists can help children from birth to age 21 reach essential developmental milestones. Whether your child needs assistance developing motor skills or learning how to use assistive technology, our occupational therapists are here to help.

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Identifying and treating developmental delays as soon as possible can improve your child’s quality of life. Our occupational therapy services for toddlers can foster greater success in school, home and relationships with others. 

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