Considering ABA Therapy?

ABA Therapy

ABA therapy from Communication Corner and More can help your child learn essential life and social skills and improve behavior through positive reinforcement. We begin our ABA therapy services with a standardized test and evaluation of skills such as reading and communication.

Based on the results of this evaluation, we will develop an ABA therapy plan that targets a specific area of improvement for your child. Our therapists use a play-based therapy model during sessions to help your child express themselves in new ways. With our play-based model, your child will be more open to sharing their feelings while they are learning essential skills and, most importantly, having fun.

Having your child receive ABA therapy as early as possible can help identify and treat possible behavioral issues before they become more prominent. With our pediatric ABA therapy services, we can help your child reach their full potential for success in school, relationships and life.


Benefits of ABA Therapy

The goal of pediatric ABA therapy is to enhance your child’s skills and help them become more independent. Having your child participate in ABA therapy provides many benefits, including:

  • Improving social skills: ABA therapy can help your child with social skills such as making eye contact and responding to social cues to improve their connections with others.
  • Phonological Disorder: Trouble combining certain sounds used in communication
  • Enhancing independence: Our ABA specialists will help encourage your child to perform life skills such as self-care and hygiene to gain independence.
  • Increasing satisfaction: At Communication Corner and More, we help your child gain confidence as they begin learning and implementing new skills and behaviors to help them feel empowered for an improved quality of life.


Why Choose Communication Corner and More for ABA Therapy

At Communication Corner and More, we specialize in ABA therapy services to cater to your child’s unique needs. Our team of qualified Board-Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians use a comprehensive therapy approach for our individual therapy services. We also involve the entire family to ensure they have the resources and knowledge to support their child.

All of our ABA therapy programs are data-driven to produce noticeable results. You can see notable progress toward enhanced behavioral and social skills even after just a few sessions.


In-Home ABA Therapy

We provide in-home pediatric ABA therapy services to help your child learn new behaviors and skills in a familiar setting. Some additional benefits of our in-home ABA therapy services include:

  • Addressing problems where they occur: Your child will learn new skills directly where they will perform this task every day — their home — to allow for greater retention and understanding.
  • Parental involvement: Many of our in-home ABA therapy techniques allow parents to participate in their child’s session to better support their child.
  • Opportunity for growth: Since your child is receiving therapy in a familiar setting, they will be more comfortable and receptive to treatment, leading to more opportunities for growth.


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Our experienced clinicians can help your child gain the skills they need for success throughout their life. If you are considering pediatric ABA therapy and would like to learn more about our services, fill out our contact form today or contact us by phone at 813-973-1033!

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