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What Is Occupational Therapy for Kids?

As a parent, you know how rewarding it is to see your child grow, learn, play and complete school work. Sometimes, however, your child may need assistance learning how to carry out these daily tasks.

At Communication Corner and More, we offer occupational therapy services to help children gain the confidence and skills to enhance their fine and gross motor skills. You can rely on our personalized treatment plans and caring staff to help your child reach developmental milestones for lifelong success.

What Is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children develop their visual-motor, sensory-motor and fine motor skills to gain greater independence. Occupational therapy can often overlap with other services such as speech and physical therapy. For example, an occupational therapist may help a child gain the skills to complete physical tasks, such as tying their shoes. They might also practice speech-related tasks such as holding a pencil and writing the alphabet.

Occupational therapy is different for every child. After our therapists learn more about your child and their specific needs, we will create a personalized treatment plan. During treatment, we will perform frequent assessments to ensure our program continues to cater to your child’s interests and goals.

Common Reasons a Child May Need Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Your child may benefit from occupational therapy with or without the presence of a medical condition. Some signs your child may be successful with our services include:

  • Difficulty achieving developmental milestones such as crawling or walking
  • Trouble completing tasks that require fine motor skills, like using scissors, stringing beads or using utensils while eating
  • Gross motor skill issues related to balance, strength and coordination that impact their ability to climb stairs or walk
  • Signs of difficulty with sensory processing, like overreactions or underreactions to tastes, textures or smells

How to Begin Your Child’s Occupational Therapy

At Communication Corner and More, we begin our services with an initial evaluation to establish your child’s current strengths, interests and needs. We use this assessment to develop a personalized treatment plan to help your child gain confidence in a certain set of skills.

Our treatment plans often involve breaking a skill into smaller parts. We use games and other fun activities to help children gain confidence as they develop their fine and gross motor skills.

For example, to teach your child how to take a bath, we might begin by using games to teach them how to turn on the water. We could then move into additional skills, such as adjusting the water temperature and eventually getting into the tub. By engaging children in this way, we help them feel excited to learn and utilize their new skills at home or in other settings.

The Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can help your child live their life to the fullest. Some of the top benefits of our occupational therapy services include:

  • Improving gross motor skills
  • Enhancing visual perceptual and visual motor skills
  • Addressing executive functioning skills
  • Strengthening social and play skills
  • Increasing overall strength and stability

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