Wearing Transparent Masks To Help Special Needs Children

Wearing Transparent Masks To Help Special Needs Children

Communication and More! was featured on Fox News 13, showcasing one of our new updates to our practice in having our therapists use transparent masks.




“As a therapist, it provides for us the ability to give visual placement cues, sound cues, and our sounds are no longer muffled under a mask that’s cloth.”

Much like the rest of the country, our team has been hard at work making sure all COVID-19 regulations are in place. During April, our practice began doing online therapy through Zoom video chatting. While we have had great success in doing that, we still wanted an option for traditional in-person therapy while making sure it was as safe as possible.

We know that all over the world, the universal language is your facial expression. Showing happy, sad, joyful, surprised, scared all in the face is very important during therapy, especially with children. We want them to continue feeling our emotions flow through our therapy, as this has been our philosophy since day one. 

“Facial expressions during therapy are huge, especially for Faith…That’s how she reads people. Not only that, that’s how you can read her. So the fact that they are using these clear shields so that my kid can see a smile when she does something right, or a grin, it doesn’t even have to be a full smile. Or when they’re disappointed and she’s not following directions, she needs to be able to read that: ‘Hey, that probably wasn’t the right thing.’ But if your covering the face, then they can’t read that.”


– Parent at Communication Corner & More!

We are honored that Fox News 13 took the time to provide a story about our practice. We strive to always provide excellence and we deeply care about the education and service we provide for our children. Read the full story here.


While our in-person therapy is back up and running, we still offer online therapy through video calls. If you have a concern that your child may need speech therapy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy, please reach out to us so that we can provide a free screening. Simply just contact us to schedule an appointment!