difference between aba and speech therapy

Developmental delays are common and can affect your child’s academic performance, social interactions and ability to complete daily tasks. At Communication Corner and More, we understand you want the best for your children and offer several types of therapy to encourage your child’s development and help them flourish in life.

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What Is ABA Therapy?

During applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy, children focus on developing essential life skills to help them meaningfully participate in various settings, including home, school or social events. ABA therapy is a play-based model that can help many children with developmental delays gain confidence in completing everyday tasks and interacting with adults and peers.

Communication Corner and More offers pediatric ABA therapy services to encourage your child’s fine motor skills, communication and other behaviors.

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy focuses on addressing various challenges children may experience when developing their language and communication skills. Speech therapy typically begins with an evaluation with a speech-language pathologist, and the overall goal is to help your child communicate more effectively. Children in speech therapy can learn how to improve their verbal, nonverbal and social communication skills.

You can receive pediatric speech therapy services from experienced professionals at Communication Corner and More to help your child learn how to communicate more effectively.

Differences Between ABA and Speech Therapy

ABA and speech therapy share similarities in that both services can help children with speech and language challenges and have similar goals of empowering children to become more independent. However, these models also have several key distinctions. When deciding whether speech or ABA therapy is right for your child, consider the processes and focuses of each practice.

ABA therapy uses an evidence base of behavioral tactics to improve certain behaviors, while speech therapy works specifically on language and communication skills. Additionally, ABA therapy is generally more frequent and intensive than speech therapy, including up to 30 hours of sessions per week.

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